You can make a difference. Whether it's donating blood, picking up a book from our wish list, or contributing monetarily to Eugene's Book Club Fund we appreciate your support.


Donate FUNDS

Your contribution allows us to give directly to pediatric patients. We buy a variety of educational focused books and other resources for patients and their families.

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be the donor

Becoming an organ donor is a simple way to save a life.  Please talk to your loved ones about your wishes to be an organ donor and why they should be one too.

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shop from our wish list

Shopping from our Amazon Wish List is quick and lets you choose which books to provide and the quantity. Maybe there is a special book you want to see included, please message us with suggestions.

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donate Blood 

Donating blood helps save lives. Heart patients can require many blood transfusions. Please consider finding time to donate blood at a center near you.

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